Our News Feed serves editorial offices and journalists in the print, broadcast and digital media channels. Having previously served traditional channels including satellite, wire services, fax and telegram, we continue to keep with the changing times and serve news agencies, terminal and database systems to date.

The company operating the newswire provides a technical distribution network for global communications. The sender does not send the news by email but via an input form in the newswire system.

Our long-standing cooperation agreements with global operators ensures that we can directly send messages into editorial systems, terminals and news agencies. This ensures instant reach, direct access and better results.

Newswire services are highly automated and standardized. Risk of individual intervention are limited

Undertaking content writing, research and analytics, creating distribution lists and emailing wiring can be laborious and error prone. Newswire services are an efficient and wide-reaching productive option.

Bulk email distribution is a shot in the dark, In contrast, our Newswire services ensure guaranteed distribution thanks to technical interfaces, the newswire ensures the news is sent directly to the systems used by editorial offices on a daily basis, regardless of whether individual journalists are present in the office that day. In addition, since the editorial offices also receive agency notifications via the systems, the notification environment is much more reliable to a journalist than an email inbox which, for editors, often resembles a spam folder. In other words the news passes through the first gatekeeper and the probability of it being read and published increases.

In the case of financial communication, distributing your news via a newswire is essential in order to supply terminal and database systems directly and in real time. This ensures news reach traders, analysts, institutional investors and all other relevant players in the financial world in one easy step.

A further advantage: newswire notifications are often displayed directly on media company websites and news apps. This guarantees (automatic) online publication and improves search engine visibility in a changing SEO landscape

Advantage Oasis Newswire

  • Instant and direct interfaces to editorial, terminal and database systems globally.

  • Our quality of transmission routes is of utmost value. Longstanding cooperation agreements with media agencies of standing,

  • Curated channels of relevance to match the subject relevance instead of blind mass circulation. Bulk Email distribution may have value in other industries but not in time sensitive and topic relevant news distribution.

  • Timing of distribution can make a huge difference. Notifications sent at time slots less popular than on the hour ensure higher visibility and stay on top of the ticker system

  • Content Writing is at the heart of news wire. Quality content is key to readership attention in a crowded world media space.
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